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herbal infusions
herbal tea blends


teas with a taste of Nordic life

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“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,

To gain all while you give,

To roam the roads of lands remote,

To travel is to live.”

- Hans Christian Andersen

herbal tea blends


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About the tea

Trankebar® Teas are inspired by 400 years of trading history between South Asia and the Nordic region.

The name Trankebar comes from the unique seashore trading post, created in 1620 between Denmark and the Tanjore King. Our teas and infusions use Indian tea blended with herbs and fruits inspired by the Nordics, and the intercultural exchange at Trankebar.


There's a Trankebar Tea for every mood and every time of day. Our delicious combinations of teas and herbal fusions have been carefully crafted for exquisite taste and to include added benefits. From morning energizers to afternoon pick-me-ups and night-time calmers, we have the perfect indulgence tea for you. No matter what your mood may be, we have a tea to match it. 

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Trankebar Tea partners with Wildlife SOS to help protect the beautiful elephants you see on the front of our tea boxes. 

Wildlife SOS was established to make lasting change to protect and conserve India’s natural heritage, forest, and biodiversity. They actively work towards protecting Indian wildlife, conserving habitat, studying biodiversity, conducting research and creating alternative and sustainable livelihoods for erstwhile communities that depend on wildlife for sustenance.

Wildlife SOS focuses on 4 key categories in their approach to saving wildlife: 

  1. Conservation

  2. Welfare

  3. Research

  4. Economic Disruption

To learn more about Wildlife SOS,

visit their website. 

Wildlife SOS
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